On attempting to be realistic with goal-setting.

by Katherine

So that to-do list I posted yesterday was almost a complete failure.  I did wake up before noon, but I hardly think 11 AM is appropriate enough.  I did eat breakfast, sort of–an orange and some potato chips.  Better than my usual nothing, I guess.  And Steph and I went grocery shopping as planned.  That’s it.

That is three out of the nine things I had hoped to accomplish.  Oops.

I did realize as I wrote the list that it was probably a little too long.  I have a hard time with goal-setting; I tend to be a little overly ambitious, and when I don’t meet my expectations, I take it very badly.  This is a very small, casual, and non-harmful example, sure.  I’m not heartbroken that I didn’t sweep the stairs or clean my dresser off or call my insurance company.  But it does leave me feeling disappointed in myself.  And this behavior (overly ambitious goal setting, followed by not feeling satisfied or accomplished) has been a huge issue with me when it comes to self-improvement and academics and basically trying to be the person I think I need to be.

The solution?  Being more realistic.  I know this is what I need to do.  I have a lot of personal problems, and I feel good that I have a solution for this particular issue.  The only thing left is to actually follow through with fixing this.  So I think I’ll keep my to-do lists short for now, choosing no more than three (at the most) things to plan.  This is extremely modest and feels a little silly, but if I keep the list short and then complete it all, I’ll feel a lot better than I did at the end of today.

Without further ado, tomorrow’s to-do list:

  1. Call my insurance company.
  2. Return library materials.
  3. Take out the garbage.

That sounds doable.  And I know I’ll do more than that.  If it’s not raining in the afternoon and we have time, I’m hopeful that Steph and I will get to take Akira on a walk.  Maybe we’ll feed the ducks.