One, two, three.

The first entry of a new blog or journal is always an awkward write-up, so I’m going to outline the following three things and then call it a night: I will write about who I am, what I want to get out of this blog, and what I plan to do tomorrow.  Easy.

My name is Katie.  I’m a 26-year-old on-and-off university student (currently off).  I am a recent transplant to Baltimore, where I live with my wonderful girlfriend and our equally wonderful cat, Cracker.  I’m currently unemployed, and like every other person in America today I’m desperately seeking a job.  I like reading, and writing, and cooking, and camping, and over-using commas.  I’m introverted but not anti-social, I’m awkward but not too painfully shy.  I enjoy learning about new things, especially at my own pace and with my own discretion when it comes to approaching a new subject.  I love being academic, but I have a hard time with academia.  I drink too much Diet Coke and watch too much television.  I want to live in a modest cabin with my girlfriend, our cat, and a Burnese mountain dog in the middle of a beautiful nowhere someday.  It will have a wood-burning stove and we will go stargazing on clear nights, whatever the temperature. But if I never convince my girlfriend to go for this (and I never will), we will at least have a telescope and lots of camping gear.  I wish I was an astronaut.

Anyway, that’s a little about me, and here’s a little bit about why I want to create this blog: I’ve been keeping personal journals since elementary school, and have been writing online since ’03.  I recently went back and reread parts of my first Livejournal, and remembered how wonderful it felt to type out all of my emotions, whether they were positive and full of joy, or negative and full of anger or frustration or anxiety.  Finishing a post and publishing it was always cathartic, even for the happy posts, and the process helped me weather many problems and sort out my feelings regarding them, which is something I’ve always struggled at doing.  So here I am, creating this wordpress blog with the hope that it will do the same thing for me now.  I’m dealing with high anxiety, what with the lack of employment and lack of health insurance and my deeply ingrained insecurities, and I have a feeling that blogging will be an extra tool to help me manage the anxiety and my frustrations.  Also, I enjoy writing, so why the hell wouldn’t I do this?

There you go.  I’m a person recovering from mental illness, and I’m interested in blogging about my progress, as well as other things that interest me.  There’s not much more to say in regards to introducing myself in this awkward initial post, so here’s what I hope to achieve tomorrow:

  1. Wake up at an appropriate hour.  (Read: get out of bed before noon.)
  2. Shower, change, eat something for breakfast, etc.
  3. Clean off my dresser.
  4. Take out the garbage.
  5. Do the dishes.
  6. Sweep or vacuum the stairs.
  7. Call my insurance company.
  8. Go grocery shopping with Steph.
  9. Hopefully go on another walk.

I also need to find my damned iPod and decide whether or not I want to drive to VA on Friday to see my friends.  But those are not pressing things to worry about at the moment.  The dusty stairs?  That’s a pressing issue.